About Us

Honey Brook Custom Carpentry was started in August of 1998, by Rodney and Kathy Rigg. Rodney grew up in Honey Brook learning the carpentry trade from his grandfather, who had been a builder since World War II. When Rodney was a young man learning the trades, carpentry was more than what it is today. It included all phases of building, such as the foundations, framing, plumbing, electric, drywall, trim, and more; so Rodney was fortunate enough to learn all aspects of carpentry.
Rodney worked for other contractors for 16 years before deciding to start his own business. He had always wanted to own his own business because he wanted a variety of work, so that he did not have the same tasks each day. He also wanted to be able to employ more people, so that he could help them to provide for themselves and their own families as well. So with the support of his wife Kathy, he was able to begin his dream of being a business owner.
Kathy has been a big part of the business by handling all of the finances, paperwork, and scheduling. On top of the business, Kathy and Rodney have three wonderful children; two sons and one daughter, who have all played an important part in the business as well. Their children now have their own children; Rodney and Kathy have been blessed with five wonderful grandchildren. The Rigg family and their business has been truly blessed by God.
The family has always considered mission trips an important part of their lives. They have always been very active church members and they have been very involved with the Boy Scouts of America, Good Works and Steeple to People.
Honey Brook Custom Carpentry has also been very fortunate to have amazing, hard working employees that they could always count on.